Why Us?

Low Spreads

At our core, we strive to offer traders the most competitive spreads available, regardless of market conditions. Our commitment to this goal is reflected in our significant investments in technology and partnerships with top-tier liquidity providers. We are dedicated to continuously improving our technology to ensure that our traders have access to the most favorable trading conditions in the industry.

Fast Execution

Kroxio employs high-quality hardware on our trade servers located in the HK4 and LD5 data centers in Hong Kong and London, respectively. Our trade servers are colocated with the data servers of our pricing providers within these data centers. We have dedicated fiber optic cross connections that link us and our pricing providers, guaranteeing minimal latency and the fastest trade execution possible for our valued clients.

Superior Technology

Kroxio has collaborated with leading trading technology firms to offer you an unparalleled trading experience and advanced trading tools. These tools comprise of built-in spread monitoring, ladder trading, automated trade closure with personalized order templates, and many others. Additionally, our website is optimized to deliver the finest mobile trading experience to our clients.

Unrivalled Customer Service

Kroxio is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. With our team's extensive expertise in the forex industry, we have a deep understanding of traders' desires and requirements. Rest assured, you can trade with confidence knowing that the Kroxio team is available round the clock, every day of the week, to assist you.

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