Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction: The following outlines the terms and conditions governing your access to the Kroxio website and the use of its services. This agreement is between you, the Client, and Kroxio.com, owned and operated by Bosa Finance and Technology Ltd, with registration number  2023-00594 and registered address at Ground Floor The Sotheby Building, Rodney Village, Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet, Saint Lucia (referred to as "Company"). This User Agreement specifies the terms, conditions, and risks associated with your use of services under the domain and subdomains of Kroxio.com. For inquiries about this Agreement, please contact Client Support at [email protected]. Your acceptance of this User Agreement, including all terms and conditions, is mandatory for becoming a Client of Kroxio.com.

2. Definitions: The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows:

  • System: An electronic system facilitating trading in Financial Contracts via the Internet, utilising The Company's platform, as defined herein, subject to the terms of this Agreement and the Trading Manual (an integral part of the Agreement).
  • Financial Contract or Contract: A contract for the purchase of Digital Options or any other financial offering provided by the System.
  • Digital Options: Options providing a fixed return predetermined at the Contract's onset.
  • Contract Price: Rates offered by the System based on "Indicative" rates from various financial information systems, reflecting current updated rates for contracts.
  • Markets: International financial, commodities, and other applicable markets where contract rates are determined through free trade, encompassing various markets where financial assets are traded.
  • Business Day: A calendar day starting at 00:00 and ending at 23:59 GMT.

Continuation of Definitions:

  • Transaction: The purchase/sale of a Financial Contract for a fixed price.
  • Closing: A reversed transaction to close an open position (sale of a financial contract previously purchased and vice versa) with an amount or quantity identical to the one spent in the initial transaction on the same Business Day.
  • Collateral: The initial sum deposited by you to the Company, adjusted for losses, deducted funds, and profits from Transactions.
  • Trading Manual: A manual outlining the procedures and terms for the performance and execution of Transactions.

Effectiveness and Acceptance: This Agreement becomes effective upon acceptance during registration for new Clients or upon receipt of an email notification for other users. The Agreement is effective for all users as of the date specified by The Company. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, refrain from using or accessing the services and promptly inform us in writing. By utilising our services, you fully agree to all terms and conditions.

The Company reserves the right to amend or revise this Agreement at any time by posting the amended terms on the Site. Continued use of the platform constitutes acceptance of future revisions. All amendments become effective two weeks after initial posting on the website or upon first use of services after amendments, whichever occurs sooner. Failure to agree to changes requires discontinuation of service usage and written notification.

This Online Services Agreement applies to The Company's website, trading platform, electronic content, and software providing real-time information. It also covers any additional features, content, or services added by the company in the future.

3. Membership Eligibility:

  1. Legal Capacity: Our services are available to individuals who can legally form binding contracts according to their country of residence. Users must be of legal age, and Minors (those under 18 years of age or otherwise legally restricted) are not allowed to use our services.
  2. Experience and Knowledge: Users must have sufficient experience and knowledge in financial matters to evaluate the merits and risks of acquiring financial contracts on the site. The company is not responsible for verifying users' knowledge and experience and is not liable for any losses due to insufficient knowledge.
  3. Illegal Usage: Our services are not available where prohibited, and the company reserves the right to refuse or cancel services at its discretion. Users are solely responsible for complying with laws, regulations, and directives relevant to their country of residency regarding website usage.
  4. International Laws: Laws concerning financial contracts vary globally, and users must ensure compliance with their country's laws. Accessing the website does not guarantee legality under local regulations. The website is not an offer or solicitation where such actions are unauthorised or unlawful.
  5. Restricted Access: Access to the website and offering financial contracts may be restricted in certain jurisdictions. Users must be aware of and comply with such restrictions. Users declare that funds in their accounts do not come from criminal or illegal activities.

4. Limited Licence:

Grant of Licence: The Company grants you a limited personal licence to access and use its website. This non-exclusive and non-transferable licence is contingent upon your ongoing compliance with the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement.

Usage Restrictions:

  • You are prohibited from deep-linking to the website, reselling access, or copying materials for resale without prior written consent.
  • Unauthorised use of the site is your responsibility and is bound by the terms of this Agreement.
  • Information received from The Company's systems must be used solely for executing transactions within the company.
  • The electronic communication feature of the service should not be used for illegal, abusive, or harassing purposes.


  • The Licence terminates if The Company believes the information that you have provided is inaccurate or if you fail to comply with any of the terms within this Agreement.
  • The Company reserves the right to terminate your access, close or open transactions, and remove content in any case of abuse regarding the Kroxio trading platform.


  • Communications sent through the services are treated as non-proprietary and non-confidential.
  • By accepting the Agreement, you grant The Company a licence to use your communications as it sees fit without any liability to you.
  • The Company may use your ideas, concepts, or information for any purpose, including product development and marketing.


  • The Company may monitor your communications for quality evaluation, compliance, website security, or other reasons.
  • Monitoring activities do not grant you any cause of action or rights.
  • The Company is not liable for any costs, damages, or expenses resulting from monitoring activities.

5. Our Obligations:

Service Availability:

  • The Company shall provide you with informational and technical means to use its services 24/5, from Sunday 22:00 GMT to Friday 21:00 GMT, excluding official holidays in the USA and Europe.
  • Access to trading transactions and quotes is available 24/5, except on official holidays in the USA and Europe.
  • The Company shall fulfil your trading orders to the best of its abilities, maintain a register of orders, and provide necessary extracts upon request.

Online Reports:

  1. Open Positions: Report presenting the account's open transactions.
  2. Account Statement: Report presenting the account's balance and statement at a given point in time.
  3. Tax Collection: The Company generally does not collect taxes on behalf of any authority. It is your responsibility to calculate and pay all applicable taxes in your country of residence.


  • The use of two different accounts from the same computer/IP for connecting, trading, or depositing is forbidden.

Tax Responsibilities:

  • It is your sole responsibility to calculate and pay all taxes applicable to you in your country of residence.
  • The Company may deduct tax, as required by applicable law, from the results of your activity but is not obligated to do so.

Note: The specific details of tax deduction and obligations may vary depending on the applicable laws and regulations in your jurisdiction.

6. Registration Information & Requirements:

Providing Information:

  • During the registration process, Kroxio shall request specific identifying information ("Registration").
  • You agree to provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about yourself, and not to impersonate any person or entity.
  • If registering for a business entity, you declare that you have the authority to bind that entity to this Agreement.

Treatment of Information:

  • Kroxio shall handle the information provided during Registration with care, in accordance with the disclosures made during the Registration process and in its Privacy Policy.

User Credentials:

  • During Registration, you will choose a username and password for accessing the website and services.
  • You should not share your Registration information, including your password and username, with others for any purpose, to prevent unauthorised access.

Responsibility for Access:

  • You are solely responsible for all actions or omissions that occur through the use of your Registration information.
  • If you suspect unauthorised use of your Registration information, username, or password, you must notify Client Support immediately.

Client Identification Procedures:

  • To comply with anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering laws, financial institutions must obtain, verify, and record information identifying each person opening an account.

Identification Requirements:

  • When opening an account, you are required to provide information such as your name, address, date of birth, and other details for identity verification.

7. Privacy Policy:

Client Information:

  • The Company prioritises the privacy, confidentiality, and security of Client information during and after their interaction.
  • Upon registration, Clients willingly share certain private information used to confirm identity, secure deposits, and trading accounts.

Client Obligations:

  • Clients commit to providing true, updated, and accurate identity information.
  • They explicitly state that they register and trade on their own behalf, refraining from any fraudulent activities or impersonation.

Data Collection:

  • The Company collects freely disclosed Client information and employs cookies to understand Client interactions with the Kroxio website.
  • Data collection aims to enhance Client security, and the shared information is accessible only to relevant personnel for verification purposes.


  • The Company commits to not disclose private or confidential Client information to third parties without written consent, except when required by law or for verification analysis.

Client Consent:

  • By registering with The Company, Clients agree that information about their trading account, transactions, and interactions can be used by the company for record-keeping and dispute resolution.

Data Protection:

  • The Company implements data protection procedures to ensure the confidentiality of Client information, regularly updating its data protection policy.

Contacting Clients:

  • The Company may contact Clients via phone or email to provide information about The Company, Forex trading, or financial market trading.
  • Clients consent to such contact when agreeing to the terms and conditions during registration.
  • Clients have the option to opt out of further contact by contacting the company through phone or email.

Note: This summary provides an overview, and individuals should refer to the full Privacy Policy for detailed information.

8. Indemnity & Right of Set-Off:

Client's Indemnity:

  • The Client agrees to indemnify and hold The Company, its directors, officers, employees, or agents harmless from any loss, damage, liability, cost, or expense resulting from the Client's failure to meet obligations, breaches of terms and conditions, or violations of applicable laws.

Right of Set-Off:

  • If the Client is liable to The Company under the indemnity provisions, The Company reserves the right to set-off that amount against any balance in the Client's account.

Limitation of Liability:

  • The Company, its officers, directors, or employees are not liable for lost profits or special, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the website, services, or this agreement.
  • Liability is limited to the amount of money transferred or deposited in the Client's account at The Company related to the transaction leading to the liability.

Consecutive Deposits:

  • Consecutive deposits initiated by the Client on their trading account, authorised by them, serve as proof of the satisfactory quality of services provided by The Company.

Note: This summary is a concise overview, and individuals should refer to the full text for detailed information on indemnity, right of set-off, and liability limitations.

9. Risk Statement:

  • Clients bear full responsibility for trading on their account, being solely liable for profits and losses.
  • Financial services on the site are suitable for Clients capable of bearing potential losses and understanding associated risks.
  • Clients are responsible for careful consideration of transactions based on their needs, resources, and personal circumstances.
  • Consultation with tax experts and legal advisers is highly recommended.

Risk Factors Disclosure:

  • Execution of financial transactions involves the use of financial leverage, constituting high-risk financial activities.
  • Consideration of whether such financial activities suit individual needs, financial resources, and personal circumstances is crucial.
  • Due to the high risk of rapid loss of invested funds, it is advisable to use funds designated for high-risk speculative financial transactions.
  • Cautions provided do not cover all possible risks associated with contemplated transactions under this agreement.

Additional Disclosures:

  • Trading in financial markets and purchasing Digital Options are speculative, involving extremely high risk and financial leverage.
  • Clients acknowledge that minor differences in market prices may cause significant profits or losses in a short time.
  • There is no method that assures profits from transactions in financial markets.

Awareness and Approval:

Clients affirm awareness of the following:

  • Transactions offered by the system are special risk transactions.
  • Full information and knowledge regarding Forex, risks in options transactions, and financial capability to undertake such transactions.
  • Contract prices presented by the Company may not necessarily reflect live market values.
  • Purchasing Digital Options may expose Clients to considerable loss.
  • Understanding the terms of the agreement and consequences of success or failure in financial contracts.
  • Incorrect investment may result in considerable loss.
  • The lifetime of any financial contract offered by the system may be as short as a few minutes.
  • The use of the system is designated for sophisticated users with the ability to sustain swift losses.

Maximum Loss and Execution:

  • The maximum loss incurred by any Client is the amount paid to the company, including rolling fees.
  • Stop Loss Orders are executed based on the exact exchange rate or the exact amount of loss selected by the Client.

Transaction Execution:

  • Transactions are executed as soon as the distinctive ("Indicative") exchange rate is found on financial information systems.
  • Calculation of the price includes a spread in favour of the Company.
  • Financial contract prices offered to Clients may differ from prices available in primary markets.

Market and Contract Details:

  • The Company does not provide a market amongst or between Clients.
  • Each financial contract is an individual agreement between the Client and the Company, not transferable or assignable to third parties.

10. Market:

Provision of Market Information:

  • The Company may provide a range of financial information through its services, including market data, quotes, news, analyst opinions, research reports, graphs, or data ("Market Information").
  • Market Information may be generated internally or obtained from agents, vendors, or partners.

Disclaimer and Intended Use:

  • Market Information is not intended as investment advice.
  • The Company does not endorse or approve the market information and offers it as a service for user convenience.
  • Accuracy, timeliness, completeness, or correct sequencing of Market Information is not guaranteed by The Company.
  • No warranty is provided for any results from user reliance on Market Information.

Reliability and Updates:

  • Market Information may become unreliable due to changes in market conditions or economic circumstances.
  • The Company is not obligated to update or maintain the accuracy of Market Information.
  • The Company may discontinue offering Market Information at any time without notice.

Limitation of Liability:

  • The Company shall not be liable for the termination, interruption, delay, or inaccuracy of any Market Information.

User Responsibilities:

  • Users agree not to "deep-link," redistribute, or facilitate the redistribution of Market Information.
  • Users shall not provide access to Market Information to unauthorised individuals.

Conclusion: Users acknowledge the disclaimer, understand the limitations of Market Information, and agree to use it at their own risk. The Company holds no liability for any consequences resulting from the use or reliance on Market Information.

11. Use & Access of Site:

Responsibility for Access:

  • Users are responsible for providing and maintaining the means to access the website, including a personal computer, modem, telephone, or other access line.
  • Users are responsible for all access and service fees required to connect to the website and assume all associated charges.

Assumption of Risks:

  • Users assume all risks related to the use and storage of information on their personal computer or any other computer used to access the website ("Your Computer").
  • Users represent and warrant that they have implemented and shall maintain appropriate protection for the security and control of access to Your Computer.

No Liability for Failures or Damage:

  • The Company shall not be liable for failures, damage, or destruction to users' computer systems, data, records, or any part thereof.
  • The Company is not responsible for delays, losses, errors, or omissions resulting from the failure or mismanagement of any telecommunications or computer equipment or software.

Protection Against Harmful Materials:

  • Users agree not to transmit computer viruses or other harmful or inappropriate materials or devices to The Company or any of its online service providers, directly or indirectly.

Conclusion: Users are responsible for securing their access to the website and protecting their computer systems. The Company shall not be held liable for any failures, damages, or losses associated with users' computer systems or the transmission of harmful materials.

12. Acquisition of Financial Contracts and Company's Rights:

Financial Contract Acquisition:

  • Acquisition of a financial contract is considered complete when the contract is customised, the premium (or margin) is calculated, and payment is verified.
  • Users are fully and personally liable for settling every transaction entered into their account with the company.

Account Access Control:

  • Users are responsible for ensuring sole control of access to their account, preventing minors or others from trading on the website using their account.
  • Users remain fully liable for all positions traded on their account and any credit card transactions made on the site.

Indemnification for Failure to Settle:

  • Users agree to indemnify the company for all costs and losses incurred due to their failure to perform or settle a transaction.

Mispricing and Company's Rights:

  • In the case of mispricing due to programming errors, bugs, defects, or glitches on the website, the company reserves the right to cancel such transactions after notifying the user of the error.
  • Users are obligated to report any problems, errors, or suspected system inadequacies to the company.

Company's Right to Suspend Operations:

  • The company reserves the right to suspend the operation of the site or any part of it, with or without notice.
  • In such cases, the company may close out Clients' open financial contracts at fair and reasonable prices, and no claims shall be entertained against the company.

Imposition of Limits:

  • The company may, at its discretion, impose volume or other limits on Client accounts.

Contract Payouts and Data Corrections:

  • Contract payouts are determined by reference to daily values reported on the website, relevant to interbank trading data received by the company.
  • The company has the right to make corrections to data in the event of mispriced or typographically incorrect data.

13. Force Majeure:

  • The Company is not liable for force majeure events, acts of any government or legal authority, or failure, damage, or destruction to its computer systems, data, or records.
  • Force majeure events include extraordinary events that occur after the Agreement is concluded and are beyond the parties' ability to foresee or prevent (e.g., natural calamities, wars).

14. Technical Problems:

  • The Company is not liable for technical problems, system failures, malfunctions, communication line failures, equipment or software failures, system access issues, capacity issues, high Internet traffic demand, security breaches, unauthorised access, and other similar computer problems.
  • The Company does not guarantee uninterrupted, error-free service and makes no warranties or guarantees regarding the website's capacity, accessibility, or content.
  • The Company is not responsible for executing orders and requirements due to failures in informational systems caused by technical faults beyond its control.

15. Links:

  • The Company may provide links to other sites controlled or offered by others, but this does not constitute an endorsement, authorisation, sponsorship, or affiliation.
  • Users are cautioned to understand the risks before using such linked sites, and The Company is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use or reliance on content, goods, or services on other sites.

16. Trademarks & Copyrights:

  • All content, trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, and icons on the website are the property of The Company or its affiliates or agents and are protected by copyright laws and international treaties.
  • Users agree not to delete any copyright notices or indications of protected intellectual property rights from materials printed or downloaded from the website.
  • Users shall not obtain any intellectual property rights, right, or licence to use materials or the website beyond what is outlined in this Agreement.
  • The Software contains proprietary trade secrets of The Company, and users agree to maintain the confidentiality of the Software and communicate its terms to relevant employees.
  • Images on the website are either owned by The Company or used with permission. Users agree not to upload, post, reproduce, or distribute any information, software, or material protected by copyright or any other intellectual property right without obtaining permission.
  • Nothing on the website grants users a licence or right to use any trademark without written permission from The Company or the relevant third party that owns the trademarks. Unauthorised use of trademarks or website content is strictly prohibited.

17. Phone Call Recording:

  • Kroxio, at its sole discretion, records telephone calls made from and to its offices.
  • Users agree that telephone calls made to or by Kroxio may be recorded by the company.

18. Deposits & Withdrawals:

  • Documentation is required before executing a withdrawal order.
  • The minimum deposit amount is 250 EUR, 250 USD, or 250 GBP, depending on the account’s currency.
  • Maximum deposit amounts:
    • Credit card: 5,000 EUR, USD, GBP
    • Wire: 50,000 EUR, USD, GBP every 48 hours
    • E-wallets: Amounts vary (specifics not provided)
  • No withdrawal is allowed if no position has been opened after deposit, even if it is a verified account.
  • For Classic account type, a volume of 500,000 in Leveraged positions is required before withdrawal. Failure to meet this requirement results in a fixed fee of $120 deducted from the withdrawal.

a. Withdrawal of credit card deposits:

  • Credit card deposits may be returned to the same credit card according to credit card companies’ regulations.
  • Kroxio shall charge a fee for credit card withdrawals.

b. Withdrawal to a bank account with credit card deposits:

  • Withdrawals may be executed back to the credit card or a bank account at the company’s discretion.
  • Withdrawals to a bank account may take a longer time due to additional security procedures and documentation.

c. Withdrawal to a bank account with bank or wire transfers:

  • For accounts funded via bank or wire transfers, the Company shall execute a wire transfer to the same bank account used for the deposit.
  • Withdrawals to a bank account may take longer due to additional security procedures and documentation.

Withdrawal Processing:

  • If there are no active bonus agreements, the account is fully verified, and the withdrawal amount is not greater than the current balance, the withdrawal shall be processed within 7 business days.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.
  • Withdrawals are processed from Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.
  • If a withdrawal request is pending for more than 7 business days, users can contact [email protected] for further information.
  • If a completed withdrawal has not been received after seven days, users can contact [email protected] for information and/or documentation about the payment.

Withdrawal Fees:

  • A withdrawal fee of 0.5% is charged on all withdrawals.
  • If the 0.5% fee equals $30 or below, a standard $30 withdrawal fee shall be charged.

19. Credit Card Deposits Variance:

  • When selecting an account base currency other than EUR, your credit card may be debited sums.
  • Due to exchange rates and credit card companies’ fees, the debited sums may slightly vary from the initial sum that you deposited in the base currency.
  • You accept that such variations may occur and affirm that you shall not object to the mentioned fees.

20. Wire Transfers:

  1. Bank Transfer Regulations:
    • When depositing through Bank Transfer, anti-money laundering regulations require the use of only one bank account.
    • The bank account should be in your country of residence and in your name.
    • An authentic SWIFT confirmation or Transfer Confirmation, indicating the origin of the funds, must be sent to Kroxio.
    • Failure to provide such SWIFT/Confirmation may lead to the return of the deposited amount, preventing the deposit to your Kroxio account.
  2. Withdrawal to Bank Account:
    • Withdrawals from a Kroxio account to a bank account can only be refunded to the same bank account from which the funds were originally received.
  3. Wire Transfer Conditions:
    • Wire transfers over 250 EUR, USD, or GBP are accepted at Kroxio.
    • Commission expenses related to the wire transfer may vary based on the amount and bank policies, and these costs are borne by the Client.
  4. Submission of Wire Transfer Details:
    • Ensure that the wire transfer details match those posted on the banking page under Wire Transfer.
    • Email a copy of the wire transfer to [email protected].
  5. Processing Time:
    • It can take up to 5 business days for the funds to appear in your Kroxio.com account.
    • There is an examination period starting from the day the payment request is received at Kroxio.com, which takes up to 2 business days.
    • After the examination period, the remittance to the Client shall be completed within 5 to 7 business days.
  6. Contact Information:
    • For any uncertainties, questions, or comments, feel free to contact Kroxio.com for assistance.

20. Special Offers, Benefits & Bonuses:

Special Offers, Benefits & Bonuses:

  1. Trading Bonus Explanation:
    • A trading bonus is an added value in your Kroxio Trading Account, providing additional funds for trading.
    • For example, a 50% deposit match of up to $50,000 means a $2,500 deposit receives an additional $1,250, allowing trading with $3,750.
  2. Sign-Up Bonus:
    • Designed to boost new Clients' trading balance.
    • Helps new traders get accustomed to Forex markets and the Kroxio platform.
  3. Affiliate Agreements and Refer a Friend Program:
    • Special agreements with affiliates may offer additional joining bonuses.
    • The Refer a Friend program provides opportunities to earn forex bonus money.
  4. Terms and Conditions for Bonuses:
    • Read all terms and conditions before accepting a bonus.
    • Bonuses are subject to change, and not every Client is eligible for trading with bonuses.
  5. Optional Nature of Bonuses:
    • Trading bonuses are optional for all account holders.
    • Every bonus requires a trading turnover before withdrawal.
  6. Abuse and Fraud Prevention:
    • Clients are urged to participate but refrain from abusing offers.
    • Fraudulent activity, manipulation, or abuse shall lead to bonus cancellation and account closure.
  7. Company's Discretion and Decision:
    • The Company reserves the right to revoke or change offers at any time.
    • Decisions by the Company, especially in cases of abuse, are final.
  8. Withdrawal Consequences:
    • Withdrawal without meeting redeemable terms results in immediate bonus cancellation.
    • Losses become the Client's liability, and profits are deducted from the account balance.
  9. Agreement to Bonus Terms:
    • Accepting a bonus implies agreement to the stated terms and conditions.
    • The Company does not recommend taking a bonus unless the Client understands and can use it to their advantage.
  10. Bonus Insertion:
    • Once a bonus is inserted into the trading account, it cannot be returned or removed under any circumstance.
    • Brokers lack the ability to remove the bonus, and all bonus insertions are final.
  11. Alternative Payment Methods:
    • Using payment methods other than credit cards or banks binds Clients to the regulations and rules of those services.
    • Withdrawals may be executed to a facility other than the original deposit, following company and anti-money laundering regulations.

22. Dormant Accounts Procedure:

  • Clients must keep their accounts active to avoid inactivity fees.
  • An inactivity fee of 50 units of the client’s account currency is charged for accounts with zero active trades in two months (approximately 60 days).

23. Termination:

  • The Company has the discretion to modify or discontinue any part or the entirety of the Agreement without any cause or prior notice.
  • Additional Terms prevail in case of a conflict with the general terms and conditions.

24. Complaints:

  • Clients must submit complaints to [email protected], allowing up to a week for a full investigation.
  • The Company reviews transactions, phone records, and relevant documentation during this period.
  • Clients agree to handle complaints directly with the Company without involving third parties.

25. Refund Policy:

  • The Company may refund credit card payments in exceptional circumstances, with funds returned to the card used for deposit.
  • Clients can close their accounts at any time, though subject to certain conditions.
    • Account closure is approved if there are no active investments or ongoing investigations related to the Terms of Service.
  • No refund is given if the account has been suspended due to a violation or abuse.
  • The Company is not obligated to refund losses caused by any reason.
  • Refund requests can be made if the account was deposited into, but no orders were executed.
    • The same method used for the deposit is used for the refund.
  • Refund processing takes up to 2 business days if the account is fully verified, a withdrawal request is submitted, funds are available, and there are no active bonus agreements.
  • Other requests are treated as withdrawals and processed accordingly.
  • Contact [email protected] for questions about this policy.
  • The Agreement is drafted in English, and in case of discrepancies in translated versions, the English version prevails.
  • Compliance with anti-money laundering regulations requires fund transfers only to an account in the Client's name. Additional information may be required and should be sent to [email protected].

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